I think the time has come…

To start Blogging!

To some this will come as first a surprise, and secondly good news. To others who tend to know me well however, they may be more skeptical. And they have every right to be.
I am.

As a “first blog”, I don’t intend to say much. To say I have a plan with this, would be like saying my foam roller has a plan to deal with my insanely tight calves. Of course, that’s not possible.

Moreover, I DO have a plan regarding my foam roller, and that is to burn it, eventually… As whoever created them, obviously derives from a past of physical pain induced on them by the devil.

As you can see, how and where I tend to go with things, has no real plan! I am somebody who currently doesn’t like the conventional way of planning, and if I may also add, I seem to have acquired quite a nasty taste for convention itself.

I will also say that the blog entries themselves may come thick and fast, or not at all. That shouldn’t turn you off mind you, as I will predict my ‘think n fast’ blogs will contain more pragmatic ideas and approaches. And my ‘not at all’ blogs will contain, well, nothing.

I will leave it there for the time being. But knowing me, and where I am currently, my next blog won’t be too far around the corner!

I suppose its only right I add the fact that I am a professional Golfer playing on the European Tour. I’m sure that will add some credence to my Blog. Of course it shouldn’t, but it will.

Happy blogging!

Eddie Pepperell.

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2 Responses to I think the time has come…

  1. Nils Berggren says:

    Good luck to you tomorrow!! Hade some cash ridning on you as always., but neverrmind, always cheering for you from Sweden. Looks solid tomorrow, leader wont make it and cabrello never makes it on sundays, spanish star 4 strokes after, to much,.Yours for the winning, good luck👍🍸

  2. Nils Berggren says:

    And no more wine tonight🤣🤣

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