2013… You Decide.

Happy New Year everybody!

For some the start of a new year ignites the dreamer inside of them. For others it’s an opportunity to put the past to bed. For a few it’s about a fresh start, and for many, it’s just about staying alive another day.

I’ve travelled to enough places, seen enough cultures, heard enough stories, to reach the conclusion, (that for those of us who do), we are incredibly lucky to be living in England. The opportunities we’re constantly afforded makes us incomparable to any other when it comes to prospering.

I want to say however, that it is partly because of this, that so many of us fail. We take opportunities for granted and let the important, possible life changing one’s slip by. Because we’ve become accustomed to having so many opportunities and choices, we cannot distinguish the differences between them. The good from the bad. The potential from the dead-ends.

There is another problem. One that’s clearer to see. We focus too much on the ideals of a perfect world. We crave for better Weather, better Facilities, better this and that. We want a perfect world. Nobody succeeds in a perfect world. Partly because it doesn’t exist, but also because if it did, (and for some it almost does), they would never have to struggle, to persist, to overcome adversity. The fabrics of their nature wouldn’t throw up enough imperfect experiences and so they wouldn’t know how to deal with them when they did. Henceforth an even bigger problem arises, and that is mistakes are rarely made.

Mistakes will be forever constant in our lives. Hopefully when you’re older, they carry less consequence! But that doesn’t mean we should ever be afraid of making them. They are the junctions in the road. It’s mistakes made that cause us to sit up and realise we’re not half as good as we thought we were. They help keep us humble and stop the worrying possibility of over-confidence occurring.
When people see themselves impervious to making mistakes, a mistake draws close, and It’s probably waiting for them around the corner. Worse still, (for them) its almost impossible to identify. The magnitude of the punch that follows then depends on how big the perpetrator’s ego is! Create an Environment where mistakes CAN happen.

Having just popularised making mistakes, I should say however that its not the goal in life. We should all be aiming to improve our decision making skills.

There are plenty of people who live in a world of opportunity, few capitalise. If you have the freedom to make a choice, you have an opportunity. The web of causation then takes charge. Until you’re confronted with another choice, And so on. the path is infinite. To my mind then, your ability to make the right decision at the right time is crucial. A few key’s to life appear, One key is knowing when to make ‘that’ life changing decision. Another key is knowing your environment. But arguably the biggest key, the golden key if you like, is the key to life as we know it, and that is knowing yourself. If you truly know what’s best for you as a human being as you stand, the chances of you making a bad decision start to disappear.

So how does this tie in with something we all want? I would say we all seek to make improvements and progress in our lives.

Brilliant improvement comes from a place you’ve created in your mind. A place where no matter what the elements are, what the environment is, you can lose your infatuation with perfection, your sense of reality and focus on the gap in the system. The place where nothing lays at all. The gap between what we think is real, and what we think is impossible.
That’s where you need to go to find something you’ve never experienced before.
That’s where true innovation and progress lay.
If you’re goal was to find these niches of excellence every day, the saying ‘The World is You’re Oyster’, will soon become something like ‘The World is My Creation’.

Be the innovator, go places you’ve never been before. Don’t go there expecting to find a cupcake, what you’ll find isn’t a place you’ll want to live, but you’ll find a place where when you go, the world as you know it changes. And that’s where the ground breaking improvements are made.

So whether you’re a dreamer, a dweller, an optimist or a realist, let’s make 2013 a year when we forget about ideals and conformity, and we go somewhere we’ve never been before. The Worlds changing, so change smarter.

Best regards to everyone,
That Wise Old Owl.

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