Rory McIlroy’s Tooth

It feels like an eternity since I last posted a blog, I decided not to quarantine areas of my mind this time trying to seek worthy topics, rather I felt by letting a topic grow publicly and attempting to dissect it’s nucleus would provide a different perspective, let’s see how it pans out…

Trying to understand why another individual makes the decisions he does is, for obvious reasons, incredibly difficult and almost always pointless. But when you see the best Golfer in the world walk off after 9 holes, it’s almost impossible not to speculate. It is such an odd thing to do, which suggests to me the reason(s) is(are) complex.

I’ll start with my speculative effort; certain peoples brains are wired to create effect, I believe Rory McIlroy’s mind may well be subjected to such processes, meaning his subconscious automatically makes decisions (good or bad) to create a better future, regardless of imminent consequences.

History may paint a clearer picture. Let’s remind ourselves of his recent history, beginning with The Masters in 2011 to now. What’s remarkable is professional people bark on about creating consistency in your life, if you were to look at Rory’s emotional career over the past 23 months, I would predict capricious levels of consistency. Think back to the massive disappointment of losing the 2011 Masters, remind yourself of his response by destroying the field to win the US Open. Now, remember his ‘lull’ throughout the summer of 2012? Hardly bad after that, he only won another Major by a street and capped his year off with a simply stunning show in Dubai. And now we have the ‘Wisdom Tooth Extravaganza’, this appears to me like a highly respected part of his brain signifying to him (again) “we’ve hit rock bottom here, now get the f*** back on it”. And the best way his subconscious knows how to display that right now, is to provide an, at the time plausible decision (wisdom tooth) to an afterwards embarrassing realisation of what he’s done.

This may seem somewhat farfetched but these things have happened to me. You start by getting complacent, things begin to slip, inevitable frustration follows, the growing snowball becomes a giant until one day, you make a f**k up so profound, that you feel like a pipless lemon. This, in my opinion, is the story of Rory McIlory’s last 23 months, one sharp dose of pain, one prolonged period of complacency and one preposterous decision, the first two of which, after some ingenious introspection resulted in cataclysmic performances.

Needless to say, he will come back, and it’ll be a scarier and possibly curlier leprechaun than the one who blamed a tooth. The guy is tough, he just needs the occasional cock up to testify it.

For me there’s no place like home, From That Wise Old Owl, Cheers.

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