MCs, Hippos and Goodbyes…

As 2013 nears to an end, so do my blogging aspirations. To be honest, for a little ‘side dabble’ I’m amazed it’s lasted a year. But only because I see it as a ‘side dabble’ am I amazed. I’ve enjoyed it immensely.  If I wasn’t a golfer I would love to be a writer. I’m not entirely sure what it is I enjoy so much about writing, whether it is the reflective and objective point of view on something or the freedom of more than 140 characters to express and opinion on a subject. WordPress has been my notebook for a year, but I’ve missed the moleskin form. 

The fortunate thing about my life is I’m around enough good people to realise soon enough what’s important and what’s not. As I tapped in for a double-bogey seven on my 36th hole last week to miss the cut by one, all I could think about was how I was going to obliterate my golf bag in the locker room. The fury and rage was as much as I have ever felt. I did give it a few heavy whacks, the kind that would maybe floor a featherweight boxer, but still the bitter disappointment remained. For the first time ever I even cancelled my dinner plans, which just so happened to be with Jamie, my caddie, who had also arranged for me and Jen to have dinner with Justin Walters, his girlfriend, his caddie and his Dad, Jeremy. I sulked for a little while and then decided we best go and eat. So we strolled across the road, in the dark, fraught with snakes, creepy-crawlies and the odd big cat and walked into Hamiltons, the best restaurant around. Jamie was sat with Justin and the rest of the gang just inside and they offered us two chairs to join them, after Justin saying how he understood my disappointment and the reason behind me not joining them sooner. Then it hit me, this guy just has lost his mum. And as I lower myself to sit next to a man who just lost his wife I realise how abundantly insignificant my finish really was. 

I remember how, when I was an amateur, the schedule was such that come September I wanted to take 2 months off and come January I was raring to go again. But with the European Tour being a year round circuit (or circus as some call it) taking time off and scheduling is far more tricky. I know time off and rest is absolutely critical for my state of mind above anything else, and with there being a lot of pressure out here, a fresh mind goes a long way. I have forgotten what it feels like to feel mentally alert and physically fresh, which tells me time off is required. The festive season will be used wisely! It is because of this I have decided to take a month off until Abu Dhabi comes along and almost definitely not play more than 22 events during the 2014 calendar year.  

Like I said above I’ve thoroughly enjoyed blogging and It’s been nice to receive feedback, corrections and the occasional bit of praise. Thanks for your support, have a lovely christmas and here’s to a successful 2014 to all. 

‘Look at that big fat Hippo’, this blog was written on Sunday 1st December whilst sat by the Crocodile River…every missed cut has a silver lining. 

From That Wise Old Owl, cheers. 




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