Not Through Popular Demand

It’s Friday 10th October and I’m in Portugal, sat in bed listening to the thunder roar outside, thankful I’m not one of the guys hanging around the locker room. What is also unusual about this day is I woke up with an ‘urge’ to blog! Lacking serious motivation and ideas however, I decided to look for some. I toured the internet briefly and looked around at other blog sites but nothing was inspiring me. So, I decided to re-read some of my old posts and strangely I found them interesting and alas, inspiring!

Often this year players, caddies, spectators and all manner of people have asked me if I still write. I’ve of course said no and shunned the idea sometimes of returning to WordPress. I’ve realised the link between reading and writing, and as I have read less as the year has progressed, my desire to pen anything has deteriorated also. So it was strange to me to find inspiration in what I had written last year! It felt nostalgic reading over my old blogs, remembering the time and place they were each written. I smell some bitterness in some of my most recent blogs towards top players who get paid a lot through appearance fees, but now I’m most definitely more resigned to the fact that a ‘world’ is a difficult place to change even if the desire is unquenchable. Tearing me away from myself for a minute, I also see an honesty and bravery in what I have written and that’s genuinely encapsulating.

My realisation is you don’t need to look for a topic, just write candidly and openly about your life as you see it.

2014 for me has been interesting. An extremely sluggish beginning to the year gave way to some exciting performances, which then gave way to a few agonisingly frustrating attempts, which then led to some of my best golf. Frustrations grew with Mike (my coach) and I decided to take a little break away from any coaching for 2 months, before returning to utilise his methods at tournaments once more. Within that 2 month period I felt as though I ‘got away’ from technical thoughts and began to ‘play’ golf again. This is not to say Mikes coaching wasn’t required, I just altered the way we worked for a brief period, which has proven to be beneficial for me. One thing that I have respected this year is that my game is special to me and I haven’t tried to chase what others seemingly have. This relates to mistakes I made last year in trying to copy some of Ben Hogans ‘moves’ as I called them. That, I believe, led to my bad form at the start of this year. That recognition I feel is significant.

Without wishing to sound like an oracle, I recall telling Jamie and my dad earlier this year that 2014 would still be better than 2013. I said that because I knew not only is a year a long time, but my philosophy wouldn’t allow it. My philosophy being: to always reflect using intuition and experience. A prolonged spell of bad golf is one thing I fear, and what many of us fear out here. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to be aware of the direction you are travelling and use other people as examples if required, remembering that nobody has divinity or is unique when it comes to improvement.

With some golf left to be played this year and in some big events, the near future for me is potentially very exciting and using Victor Dubuisson’s career as an example, things can change quickly, for the better.

Meanwhile my delayed round 2 tee time is still distant and not long before dusk, so that gives the ‘Pepper Army’ plenty of time to recover after last nights escapades and me enough time to relax.

From That Wise Old Owl, cheers.

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1 Response to Not Through Popular Demand

  1. steven king says:

    I really enjoy your blogs. A lot of cool stuff to say. If you ever come to the US I live in Chicago it would be fun to come out and watch you play and maybe get an autograph. Good luck to you in your future of professional golf.

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