Explaining Myself

My bad. My comments in the previous blog about not caring about winning were a little short and abrupt, and so I thought I’d quickly write something to tell you guys what I truly mean. 

It’s true though, I don’t care. Does it mean I don’t want to? No. Of course I’d rather come 1st than 2nd, or indeed 52nd which is a position I’ve occupied more times over the last year than I’d of liked.

The point I was tying to make, and failed to, was that regardless of mindset right now, I don’t believe I can win lots of tournaments and become a world class player. Because the thing I see holding me back, is my technique, with the driver in particular. Once I fix this, I believe I will win plenty of times. 

Some may say, if I can get into contention enough I must be good enough to win plenty of times. But you guys don’t see how hard I make the game for myself. And those times when I am in contention, are the weeks where I’ve either been able to hit driver a handful of times due to length of the course or it’s been so windy that everyone else struggles and effectively comes down to my level. I’ve just been really good from 175 yards and in for 2 years. But that won’t make me a great player, I need to get more control off the tee. 

As I said in the comments section, im not looking for sympathy or anything like that. And like I also said in the comments section, I’ve hit too many wild drives at too many points in too many rounds for me to believe I have a mental issue. I don’t give a rats ass about hitting it out of bounds or down the middle sometimes because I’d rather be having lunch. And yet I still hit it out of bounds. 

Logic tells me the issue is with my golf swing. 

Of course, like Michael Burry said in The Big Short, I could be wrong, I just don’t see how. 

By the way, the milkshakes here are delicious. 

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15 Responses to Explaining Myself

  1. Garrett says:

    My two cents…..57 years of competitive golf…every level: You’re correct when you say it’s your swing. But driving “well” doesn’t require a perfect swing. It requires better misses; straighter, if you will. If you are, in fact, “really good from 175 yards”, then I would advise you drive it shorter, in favor of straighter. 275 gets you to the 175 number on most par 4’s. That should give you plenty of par 4 birdie opportunities.

    Almost ll milkshakes are delicious!

  2. Ken Bowditch says:

    I thought you were a bit quick in writing your blog right after the finish of the Kings Cup. Clearly you were in a poor state. I watched it on TV in Australia and was saddened by the missed birdie chip and the next errant drive. That is golf, but it must be hard to get back on track. Good luck with everything in the future it is very good to read your blogs.

  3. Steve Knight says:

    Good luck for the future Eddie, hope you get back to top form soon…

  4. Murray White says:

    Eddie there was nothing wrong with your last post mate. Winning is everything and one could never doubt that. It’s a brutal game and wishing you all the best on your journey to fix the faults. Makes you a better man and player. Keep the power.

  5. David Willis says:

    There was a very good batsman called Frank Hayes who played for Lancashire and England (briefly) in the 1970’s. Despite scoring a hundred in his first test match innings, he became so nervous before he went out to bat that he threw up. He never conquered his nerves and his talent never flourished. Coming 52nd with the best in the world isn’t all that bad you know. See you in Abu Dhabi in January.


  6. Grant Calder says:

    Hang in there,your results so far for being so young =a very talented competitor people reach their ceiling at very different stages of their careers and I reckon you’ve got plenty about you to achieve your aims.

  7. Dear Eddie, I always read with great interest your blog! As far as winning golf tournaments I believe there is a formula that I have been fortunate to discover in China, I have approach you in Shanghai and gave you information about what I do…. Do you remember? more about this formula > http://www.caddieplayer.com/bio Note: I have been following you a few time allready I believe you have the potential to win many tournaments 🙂 Have a good summer and see you in Crans my Home…

  8. Dave Dooley says:

    Eddie your answer might be in the first article! You made reference to Henrik , the man who couldnt keep his driver in the same county let alone the fairway. Hit a strong 3 wood more – use your long game and be different – you are different and we love you for it 👍😊 go Henrik – I did and its great 👊

  9. Davy Kyle says:

    Love your attitude – don’t change. Seve knocked it in the trees and won majors – you can do the same. Maybe you’ll figure the driving out, maybe you won’t but I think its alot easier to get right than problems from 175 yards in.

  10. Swiveldick says:

    Stick in there Eddie – It will come good and be all the sweeter for it

  11. We know and you know you are better player than what you are seeing now! As the saying goes “Class is permanent form is temporary” and as others have stated no one has experienced that more than Henrik. There is a light ahead of what looks like a small tunnel right now so enjoy your down time in Thailand and come back stronger and surround yourself with people who can help get you to where we all know you should be! Best wishes and we all hope to see you coming out the other side better for it!

  12. Eddie. I love your blog and your insights, but I have to be honest and say I was surprised and maybe disappointed when you said you didn’t care if you won on The European Tour, or any Tour. To millions of golf fans, tour pros are venerated “walking idols”/ demi-gods – and becoming one is the broken dream of so many great players. I can see how sometimes that privileged status could be easy to forget in the heat of battle or the tense moments of a media interview. For what it’s worth, you should take the “f*ck it” philosophy and use it to your advantage – Tiger sprayed it, Seve sprayed it, they found a way to win. You’ve won at every level and will win again. Wishing you well in finding that “stock” shot, the safe ball from the tee, because one thing is for sure – you don’t have to hit it great to win. All the venerated ball strikers and great swingers, with the exception of Hogan, didn’t really win much at the biggest level – Mac O’Grady, Moe Norman, Tom Purtzer. Enjoy your holiday and keep on – we all wish you the best!!

  13. Jeremy Spencer says:

    I’d like to echo comments above- keep the faith Eddie, you can do it, just let it happen, it will.

  14. andrew picken says:

    I always read your blogs with great interest.They are refreshingly honest and always engaging.I wont try and give golf advice or guidance but all I would suggest is be true to yourself at all times.You have an amazing talent,Trust your instincts and enjoy what you do. There are millions who would give anything to be in your position and doing what you do.I have no doubt that you will succeed.Best of Luck and enjoy the rest of the break.

  15. Was about to echo just about everything Andrew Picken wrote. With all the wisdom of a 28 handicapper I would suggest that those last 4 holes had to be a combination of the mental and the technical feeding off and compounding each other. You clearly are capable of parring those 4 holes so there has to be some added factor. Certainly happens to me when I’m on the brink of breaking 100!

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