P-J Willett vs Miller vs Sanity

One day to go, and it’s really heating up out there. Not the temperature, it looks freezing. Danny Willett’s brother has really threw the cat amongst the pigeons. Or Danny under the bus, depending on how you want to look at it. We’ve got ‘the worst European team ever’ vs some ‘shiny teethed, lego-like, (once) resentful children with over medicated wives’. And I thought the rhetoric in the Trump-Hillary debate was bad…

Has Jonny Miller not learned anything about recent history when it comes to the Ryder Cup? Or indeed sport in general for that matter. Someone should tell him about Leicester City, a team worth the same amount as Sergio Aguero’s nail clippers, who won the Premier League last year. Or how about in the 2004 Ryder Cup, when Montgomerie and Harrington gave Woods and Mickelson a good beating. That team in 2004 had 9 GB&I players out of 12. And I think I’m right in saying no major champions at the time. Fast forward 12 years, and we have just as many major winners in our team as they do. It all goes to show how golf is almost entirely unpredictable, and so making a prediction is a pretty paltry thing to do.

As for P-J Willett… Well, you can’t argue with some of what he said. Although generalisations shouldn’t really be made, particularly at a time when political correctness governs what many of us refrain from saying. And of course any American has the right to point to the fact that we have some fat Brits who scrounge from the state, insult immigrants for doing the jobs they’d never do, visit Gregg’s every day and get free healthcare for smoking 40 a day… None of us are perfect.

Unfortunately for Danny, he now has to shoulder this at Hazletine. As if being a rookie wasn’t hard enough, especially in America. And feel for Danny some more, not only is he disliked by much of the Tour, he’s now disliked stateside. But to Danny’s credit, if anyone can play with a chip on their shoulder, I think he can.

This isn’t really much of a blog. As much as I enjoy reading and watching some of the hype in sport and politics these days, I can’t help but feel exasperated at how much over analysis there generally is. I wanted to get that across mainly. Jonny Miller and P-J  may think they’re doing golf and the Ryder Cup a favour when they speak with inflammatory intent, but it’ll all be undone when you get Montgomerie and Critchley in the commentary box together. We’ll go from deranged patriotism to comatoseness within seconds.

After all that, I’ll make a prediction; Over 25,000 burgers will be eaten by the American fans this week.

Good luck boys.

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11 Responses to P-J Willett vs Miller vs Sanity

  1. Spot on Eddie. Too late now to advise Darren Clarke that pouring petrol on flames is never a good idea.

  2. Eddie Cavanagh says:

    I think we need this event firing up a bit . Can’t wait for it to start !

  3. John Yates.aka Yago says:

    It’s alright for you lot,we are in the middle of it!!
    Bring it on I say.

  4. Karen Pearson says:

    Brilliant, gave me a good chuckle

  5. Steve Patton says:

    Oh come on Eddie. ONLY 25,000 burgers? And the rest!!!!!

  6. Jake Calder says:

    Very curious to scratch a little deeper into the “a lot of the tour don’t like Danny” comment. Is this players/caddies/fans/officials or all of the above? Any particular reasons? I’m personally a fan of Danny Willett but can see he maybe appears overly confident/arrogant which could be an answer to my own question?

    • prodivotwatcher says:

      If Danny Willett took a small break from his own arsehole, he’d find his arrogance has stretched so far that he’s started ‘blanking’ himself… Apart from that he’s a lovely fella.

  7. Sue Gofton says:

    Eddie – i just love your blogs ! you are a similar age to my twin sons and i so wish they would hook into this. You are a brett of fresh air and BTW – a terrific golfer taboot!!

  8. Chris Hanson says:

    From here in Australia it seems the yanks missed a golden opportunity to bag the Poncy Poms who never take a shower unless they are going to church, dont know the difference between Black Diamond and Corona, think wine is what you do when you arrive in a foreign country, hunt foxes like they were ants and generally think they are superior to everyone else.because they speak english proper like. However I do like visiting England where the golf is good but better in Scotland.

  9. Anna-Lena Lund says:

    The Swedish couple you met under the meeting at Bara in Skåne Sweden and that you helped with how to use the roomcard in the elevator wish you the best in Portugal!! We always try to follow your play. Kind Regards Juri and Anna-Lena ☺😊

    Den 29 sep 2016 10:33 skrev “eddiepepperell” :

    > eddiepepperell posted: “One day to go, and it’s really heating up out > there. Not the temperature, it looks freezing. Danny Willett’s brother has > really threw the cat amongst the pigeons. Or Danny under the bus, depending > on how you want to look at it. We’ve got ‘the worst Europe” >

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