October Ramble 

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. I’ve been busy actually doing what I’m supposed to do; Play good golf! Gone are the days of waking up Saturday morning, slightly hungover, low and moderately depressed, wondering how I’m going to hit a fairway and break 75. It’s felt at times recently like I couldn’t shoot 75 if I tried. Golf is such a funny game. Or a bastard of a game, as myself and Victor Dubuisson see it. (Don’t know that for sure, but pretty sure) 

My recent run of form is down to a number of things, none of which more important however than the obvious fact my golf swing is in a better spot than where it was 6 months ago. I’ve largely focused only on my set up and takeaway since May, and this simplicity has led to much more consistency. Me and John Daly now have something in common; We both believe the left arm (lead arm for right handed player) is the most important function of the golf swing. 

Probably the most exciting part of my recent form is what it’s actually built on in terms of me playing. And that’s a strong 3 wood I have in the bag. I’m not saying I’m the English version of Henrik Stenson, but I feel like Henrik Stenson out there at times, just with a prettier face… I would say though that I am comfortable hitting my driver now, whereas I wasn’t a few months ago. There are still certain tee shots with specific wind conditions however that make me slightly uneasy and that’s when I turn to the 3 wood. This setup has meant that I am pretty much always in play. And then it’s just a matter of how well I play from there, and that’s down to iron play but also sheer golfing ability. I’ve never doubted my ability to play golf, or my iron play, whereas in the past I’ve certainly doubted my driving. That swamp is gradually being drained thankfully. 

It’s at this point where I’ve run out of things to say about myself. So I’m going to turn to topics I’ve spoken about in the past, but not elaborated on. 

Firstly my pessimism surrounding the European Tour. It is all to do with the economic landscape as I see it moving forward. It’s nothing to do with the product the Tour has to offer, or the way the Tour is being run. Frankly, I just don’t know where the money is going to come from. Pre 2008 financial crisis, there was lots of events in Europe, which was unsurprising due to the economic boom the whole of the world, but especially Europe was experiencing. Since then however, much of the investment, as I understand it, has come from the Middle East and Asia. Southern Europe has practically been in a depression since 2008. In 2007 there were 9 tournaments in either Spain or Portugal. Compared to 3 this year. One of which was co-sanctioned with the Challenge Tour. This isn’t something us players can complain about, this lack of investment hasn’t come about because the Tour aren’t doing their job, it’s because Spain and Portugal are economically in a terrible way. As is the rest of the World, we just aren’t seeing it play out… Yet. And this is why I’m pessimistic. Because anyone who follows the economic landscape can see what’s beginning to unfold in the Middle East and China specifically. Luckily, The UAE isn’t overly dependent on a high oil price, due to the fact it’s invested domestically in making sure it can be a productive state moving forward. It is however, like China, massively loaded with private debt. And this is a ticking time bomb. 

I suppose the funding for events can come from government entities, and highly wealthy individuals. Like that of the Sheikh in Dubai, or people like Johann Rupert, both of whom are massively important to the European Tour. China however I do not see this happening. To finish with a particularly sobering note, the whole world is up to its neck in debt. It’s easy to say credit has always existed and liquidity has always been volatile, but the maths of it all just doesn’t add up. There’s simply too much. I think the PGA Tour will also suffer, but that’s for another day. 

I’ve put myself forward to be on the Players Committee of the European Tour. I’ve done this because I want to understand more about the position the Tour finds itself in. I want to discover for myself what I suspect to be true, that finding sponsors in this climate is incredibly difficult. I hope also, for obvious reasons, that my inhibitions are proved to be wrong and that there are strong foundations being laid. 

Just bring that moderate Saturday depression forward to Tuesday. 

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25 Responses to October Ramble 

  1. paulburke3010 says:

    I do not know what happened to your driving, I saw you hit a drive, in the DP World Dubai competition, off the 9th tee that is one of my most memorable shots of all time. It went off like a rocket nice and straight.

    I think you would be an asset on the Tour committee, but do not upset the establishment!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Rock on, Eddie. I take it Henrik doesn’t read your blog.

    I took great pleasure at the leader board on Sunday, for your sake and also for that of Ollie Fisher, whom I follow ‘cos I once had dinner with his granny. When I looked at the cards I saw that he eagled the par four ninth, his last, to secure himself a cheque that should make him safe given the money on offer over the last two events. If things pan out for him in a certain way, that second and final shot could turn out to be one of the most valuable ever hit.

    His story and yours illustrate how fine the margins have become for guys like you two who strive to play at the top of the game, a struggle that seems to grow harder every year as the exemption numbers shrink.

    I hope you make it to the players’ committee. They need guys with a breadth of vision and the courage to speak their mind, if only to keep Mr Pelley in check.

  3. Tony Thomas says:

    Recent brilliant golf, coupled with a thought provoking blog (I have my own business and also look into the future with more than a little hesitancy & worry). Then again i did have £20e/w on you at Close House…how could you, you were trending………keep up the good work !

  4. Anna-Lena Rydén Lund says:

    We are following you wherever you play and wish you great success.
    We met in a elevator trip in Elite Hotel, in Skåne, Sweden,2015 and look forward to Nordea Masters August 2018 when you hopefully will play at Hills near our home! 😀

  5. Dieter Strohbach says:

    Great form Eddie. Really pleased for you. It’s in there. At times you just gotta dig deep and fish it out. Keep it going and well done.

  6. Oliver Glenn says:

    Excellent posting and great insight, thank you for the time and effort.
    Best of luck with the driver (and left arm), and the committee!

  7. Steve says:

    Great to see you back to good form Eddie and best of luck for the future for you.

  8. David Flynn says:

    Don’t get depressed any day Eddie. Your being paid to do what most of us pay to do! Make hay while the sun shines, live for today but put a little away for that rainy day.
    Keep playing well and good luck to getting on that committee.

  9. Ingrid stam says:

    Great read again Eddie , so happy you found the things to make it all work .
    If I was a betting person I would bet on you 😊
    You will be a great asset in the players committee , so fingers crossed you get in .

  10. Nick Poole says:

    Vote Eddie ! You’d be great in the tour committee Eddie, good luck.You have though omitted another major reason for your tremendous form of late……….Gus the Dog !

  11. graham breakspear says:


    Profound words true for golf and any sport or country going forward. I can’t see it how it can continue. Interesting and concerning times! But until then just keep the 3 wood playing that magic!

    Regards Graham B

    Sent from my iPhone


  12. Stuart wilson says:

    Eddie great to read as always.. hope the great form continues and leads to a win that would make so many people happy . I’m a banker so can relate to what you are saying re debt , hope we are wrong no one needs another 2008!
    Good luck for committee you’d be great I’m sure .

  13. Kim says:

    So great to see your name on the leader boards and on the first page!

  14. Rod Morri says:

    Hi Eddie, Rod Morri is my name and I am a golf writer in Australia for a website called iSeekGolf. I was wondering if you might be available for, and interested in, an interview for the site at some stage on the not too distant future? I have read several of your blogs and, like many others here, find your take both refreshing and insightful.
    Best of luck in the coming weeks and I look forward to hopefully catching up soon.

  15. Andy MacArthur says:

    Excellent thought provoking blog – as always! Really pleased to see your recent superb form and hope it continues all the way to Dubai. Great that you should be back at Wentworth for the BMW PGA tournament next May. I didn’t bother to go this year because you were not playing so really missed it.

  16. Kim says:

    I’m watching the European Tour tournament this morning from Metamora, Illinois and see your name at the top of the leaderboard! I know it’s only Thursday but hope to see you at the top on Sunday! Good Luck!

  17. Peter HUME says:

    You did have some coverage on SKY during your 64 today but not as much as Tommy Fleetwood,Sergio and John Rahm,the commentators did react to your comment but I get the feeling they resent any criticism,particularly Ewen Murray.

  18. Jonathan Stordy says:

    Always fun reading your blog. I have lived and worked in Spain for 20 years and despite recent Catalán dispute, Spain and Portugal are definitely coming out of recession. Real estate and most consumer categories are up. Bar trade is up 5%. Tourism reaching record highs. Perhaps Iberian peninsula needs to get more foreign investment into golf tournaments. Look at ridiculous inflation in football, including football rights, not just football transfers. Perhaps an irrelevant comparison for what is still a minority sport..and there lies the challenge. 4 day tournament formats relevant for impatient millenials etc etc..But rest assured investing in Iberia is much more attractive than a few years ago👍👍

  19. Søren Bech says:

    Eddie, good to see you play well. And, as someone with a BA in economics, nice to read your analysis of the global economy. Would be thrilling to play 18 and sort out the world together + get a few tips on my own driving which seems my nemesis as well. Good luck with the rest of the season

  20. Steve King says:

    Well done for putting yourself forward to the Players Committee, so many pass comment but aren’t willing to truly represent or participate in solving problems. It’s great to see you playing well, contending and strutting a little lately – hope you keep hold of it. @juandaman07

  21. Sylvie Le Nail says:

    So good to see your name on the top of the latest leaderboards, just waiting for Victor to join you more often 🇫🇷🇫🇷😊

  22. Peter wilks says:

    So good to see playing well hope It continues great article i agree with much of what you say even if it,s not all good keep up the good play.

  23. Jon Warrell says:

    Totally agree Eddie, the Wolves motto “Out of darkness cometh light.” sums it up nicely.

  24. Please send a tweet every now and then it serves to alert latest blog update etc. and your content that many will stay with after they get a taste.

  25. Peter wilks says:

    Eddie you really are a breath of fresh air keep it going when you are on your one of the best!

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