From The Grave To The Rave 

As I fly over Spain en route to Ibiza, I’m reminded of the pain and adulation that will follow below over the next four days. Valderrama will play host this week to an enormous array of consequences, something it is probably well equipped to provide, given its natural brutality.  

What’s worse is that I have friends playing who are in need of good results, just to keep their playing rights for next year. A position I was obviously in twelve months ago. Thankfully for them I guess, they’ve seen what I’ve managed to achieve this year, off the back of losing my card. This may provide them with some solace, I don’t know. But I suspect, due to our self absorbed tendencies being golfers, that their minds are deeply immersed within the winding cork trees of hell. It’s probably a good thing that the season ending event is being played around such a demanding golf course, as good golf will be sure to be rewarded. Valderrama is more than a putting exhibition, it’s a competition where getting the ball in play first is most important. 

Another thing I’m reminded of, is the importance of understanding time. Twelve months ago, for a short moment, it did feel as though my world was crumbling down around me. I had to spend fifteen minutes in solitude reading every news app I had on my phone at the time, just to escape my own thoughts and immediate emotions following my double bogey finish. I only cried once I got back to my hotel room. This shows how gut wrenchigly painful it was for me a year ago, because I still felt these emotions in spite of being very aware of how it was only a moment in time. And one that I knew wouldn’t define me as a golfer, only refine me. 

It’s always amazing how people suddenly ‘turn up’ when time is running out. The way Marc Warren has since September, just like he did last year. The shortage of time unquestionably focuses the mind. Some players will be going out this week simply knowing that they have to find another level, if they want to be part of the Rolex Series next year. Some may find ‘that’ level through nine holes, and then it becomes a mental battle to sustain it. Others will start poorly, as they have most likely been doing for a while, and the blues will kick in much earlier than they would’ve liked. This is the event where reality sets in, just like Q School. It’s a disgusting, yet wonderful period of time in golf. Because we go from being used to going week to week, to only seeing a cliff edge. And the drop for some will look scary, and for others look like an opportunity. 

My dad’s foresight impressed me a year ago, as he predicted that 2017 would be my best year, and as things stand, he’s going to be proven right. I also felt the same. Out of bad often comes good, and usually always to those who think. Everything and everyone moves cyclically, something that is disappointing to the person who only wants hype. Successful people are level headed not because they were necessarily born that way, but because they learnt to be that way, in order to move with the inevitable eddy’s that careers bring. 

Ibiza beckons for me though. Clubbing season is over, although not yet for Mick, I’ll be seeing you in Turkey. 

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14 Responses to From The Grave To The Rave 

  1. Angelo says:

    Followed you in Milan last sunday, you deserve your time in Ibiza!

  2. Greg Rowe says:

    Dear Mr P, it’s been a fascinating season watching you move forward from the end of last season. To regain a place in the big league via Tour School was a great achievement, I wish you continued success through the business-end of 2017 and beyond.

  3. Kim says:

    Looking forward to watching you this weekend!

  4. FOX Warrell says:

    As the motto of Wolverhampton goes “out of darkness cometh light”. Enjoy your holiday – you have earnt it! Thanks for livening upafternoon TV in the College!

  5. Disappointment can be a great motivator. Great to see you being successful.

  6. Jenny says:

    Delighted for you! Great year!

    • Karin Lux Brixen says:

      Thank you for inviting me into your thoughts. A new level for me watching golf.
      The best whishes for you now and In the Season to come..!
      Karin 🇩🇰

  7. Such insightful thoughts as ever Eddie, especially on what it takes to be successful.

  8. Tim James says:

    Henry Longhurst springs to mind with your eloquent rambles.
    Kick on!

  9. Rosemary Robinson says:

    Loved watching you play last weekend in Italy … well done. Good luck in Spain.

  10. Willie Dunlop says:

    Was looking forward to your next post and it did not disappoint. Nice mention about Marc who like yourself I have a lot of time for, boy he leaves it late.
    As I mentioned in my previous reply, great to see you on the box a lot now, watch the ET every week out here in Thailand.
    Enjoy your holiday and good luck in Turkey.
    PS, the milkshakes still great out here and I played Phoenix Gold this week.

  11. Prodivotwatcher says:

    See, the luck I’ve had 
    Can make a good man 
    Turn bad…

  12. Peter Zeevy says:

    Just saw your Turkey result. You really reached the heady heights there buddy. Well done.

  13. Marley says:

    Well done Eddie, you are responsible for several hangovers today, courtesy of the College Oak, to which you are invited on Saturday evening March 3rd from 5pm, for the first CBF CAVE(Captains and Vice Evening) night of 2018. Great win and long may it continue.

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