Happy New Year

I suppose it makes sense to write my first blog of 2018 during my first flight of 2018. It’s been made easier by sitting in business class as opposed to economy, simply because I don’t have to deal with the anxiety that the person next to me can see what I’m writing. The process of exposing your innermost thoughts is way more embarrassing than the publication of them. In truth, I haven’t really got anything in particular to say so I’m just gonna roll with it and see where it goes….

Probably the biggest story of 2018 in golf will come down to one man: Tiger Woods. The fact that he is still the biggest draw in the game says so much about our world. Our obsession with image, personality and the past it seems, as opposed to substance amazes me. I say that with respect, i.e. not meaning Tiger can’t substantively impact the game moving forward (I think he can), but if he had of just won in Hawaii the way Dustin Johnson did, then the golfing world would be hyperventilating. Tiger can probably shoot 68 in his next event and receive more attention than Hideki Matsuyama did for winning at Firestone the way he did last year. It leads me to think that the days of awe-inspiring achievements are behind us. Instead all we are craving is a story, a comeback, controversy or even batshit crazy stuff like Conor McGregor boxing Floyd Mayweather.

The irony I enjoyed most about Tiger’s comeback event in the Bahamas was the way Rickie Fowler won it. I’m a big Rickie fan, as I am a Tiger fan, but for him to do that to the field on Sunday I thought was quite poetic. But the substance issue exists in pretty much every other walk of life, as I see it. Harry Kane scored more goals in 2017 than anyone, but because it wasn’t Lionel Messi, who cares? Donald Trump, for all of his flaws, is refusing to be paid to be the president, which basically means he’s saying he doesn’t want taxpayers money. But who cares, because he tweets stupid stuff now and again and isn’t the “PC”, career politician we all seemingly want…

Somewhere along the line our actions have become totally irrelevant. Unlike those 280 characters.

Before boarding this flight I listened to the No Laying Up podcast, “The Killhouse.” At one point they were talking about their favourite courses of 2017 and they mentioned The Old Course. It reminded me of my own experiences around the Old Lady. When I first played there years ago as a junior, I hated it. I couldn’t see what any of the fuss was about and I didn’t get it. But the more I’ve gone back, the more I’ve grown to love the place. I was also glad to hear one of the guys say how easy it is to hit the Old Course hotel… It is absolutely one of those places you must go and see, and of course play if lucky enough.

I think it was DJ on the podcast who spoke of his experience up the last hole where he fatted a wedge from 70 yards and then proceeded to stiff a putt from 30 yards. Again it reminded me of when I had pretty much given up en route to an 89 in the St Andrew Links Trophy a good few years back. I putted it from 100 yards on the 10th hole.

The field in Abu Dhabi this week is strong and it’s going to be awesome teeing off on the opposite side of the course to the big guns.

All seriousness aside though, it’s worth taking a look to see where the field has gone down to. It’s amazing actually to see how far down the list isn’t going. In 2013 when I was the 12th card from the Challenge Tour I ended up 1st reserve for Abu Dhabi and got into Dubai. Nobody from the Challenge Tour category is likely to play Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Malaysia this year. I don’t know exactly why this is, but it’s a bit of an issue for the Tour in my opinion. I think it’s now logical and totally respectable if you’re a Q School graduate to simply not bother even playing the European Tour this year and instead focus on the Challenge Tour. Having said that, if it’s the case that Challenge Tour guys aren’t getting into say, six of the biggest events, then I don’t know what the best play is. One answer I guess is just to win an event. After all, that’s pretty simple…

I’m not here to provide solutions. But I am attending my first committee meeting next Tuesday.

As a 26 year old man who has never sat in on anything truly important in my life, I’m at a little bit of a loose end as to how best approach my new role as an upholder of fairness and free hotel rooms for those who can most afford it. I’m not cool with being seen as the guy who criticises, and comes up with no solutions. I hate those people too. However, it’s a scary prospect to have to potentially vote on whether or not an individual should be fined for slow play when those extra 15 seconds could’ve given Hugh Heffner a wonderful last dying breath. Joking aside, I am excited to learn more about the Tour and put forward any opinions or ideas where I see fit.

Quickly to finish, I just want to make you aware of the equipment changes that I’ve made, so that you don’t have to ask me over Twitter.

Currently I’ve got the Titleist driver in the bag, but I am doing testing with TaylorMade before Abu Dhabi so will see on that front. Dustin’s performance in Hawaii inspired me to get back in touch with the ‘dark side’ and test. Callaway 3 wood and 5 wood. They’re bloody epic. Mizuno JPX irons. The ‘Tour’ heads, not the ones you’ll find on the shelf in your pro shop, sorry. Also I’ll be using the Mizuno wedges. Not only do they feel like a Mizuno, but they look like a Vokey*. And the Bettinardi blade remains in the bag after some incredibly average performances last year.

You may see, should I make it onto the TV in the near future, that I’ll be wearing a hat that is completely blank. I do not have a hat sponsor. So if you know anyone who would like to sponsor me, then divert them away from Twitter and show them my raw, emotive, and profound blog.

Here’s to a great 2018 for us all.



*Not 100% true.

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24 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Hi Eddie.

    I am a new reader of your blog – I was put onto it by a mutual friend (Gavin Soave). I have not quite made it through the back catalogue of posts yet, but I am really enjoying your straight from the heart writing.

    Keep it up and I look forward to following you on the tour this year. I hope you have a fantastic season.

    Best wishes,

    Ulrik Street-Poulsen

  2. Ruari McCallion says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Eddie.

    Top tip for your first meeting (or even first few): keep your gob shut. Listen and find out the lie of the land. You will be asked your opinion; make sure you’ve been paying attention! This is your biggest challenge for 2018… 😉

    Good luck, both on and off the course.

    Oh, and bear in mind that it’s would HAVE, should HAVE, could HAVE. Not ‘of’.

    Yrs as a lover of English


  3. davy kyle says:

    Class – as always 🙂

  4. Marshall says:

    I’ll give you £5 to sponsor your hat. I’d like the message to say “Will american golf spectators please stop shouting ‘mashed potato’ “

  5. Marley says:

    Good luck for 2018 Ediie, hoping to get to a few events this year, and you are more than welcome to go on the reserve list for the 25th Maracana Masters in September, if you are not busy.

  6. JohnE says:

    Definitely covered a lot of ground there! Interesting observations on Q school opportunities and I CANNOT BELIEVE you don’t have someone to sponsor your hat!! What’s the going rate??

  7. Timo | Salt on Wood says:

    Gerne, good luck!


  8. Paul Evans says:

    Fantastic read, as per usual. Best wishes for the coming season young man. Come on you Gooners !!!!!

  9. Tony levy says:

    Always interesting always beautifully written
    Hope you will be back in S A some time this year
    Great 2018 to you

  10. Foxy says:

    Wishing you all the best in 2018 Eddie. Looking forwards to lots of Sunday afternoons in the College Oak watching the last few holes with you in contention…. 😜👍🦊

  11. Patricia says:

    Play well Eddie and good luck with the committee work, am sure it’ll be an eye-opener.

  12. Les Bayliss says:

    Interesting as always Eddie, good luck with your new role, I am sure your input and views will benefit golf, Hope you have a successful and enjoyable year on the course, do the best you can as always, stay cool and be happy 👍😊

  13. Peter wilks says:

    Great read as usual Eddie have a great 2018 on tour and when you g really famous ! don’t forget to keep writing your blog .
    Regards Peter

  14. John Yates says:

    Hi Eddie
    Good read as always.
    With you and the old man’s love of our four legged friends ,how about -Dogs for Good,as your hat sponsor.Local charity based in Banbury,for whom the CBF have raised 5k to sponsor and name an assistance dog,that will change someone’s life.
    Just a thought.
    Good luck for the 2018 season.
    See you in Dubai.

  15. Ian says:

    Eddie P. Part of the establishment! Who would have thought it eh? All the best this season. Pro golf in great shape with the young players all capable of winning these days. Let battle commence.

  16. Peter Zeevy says:

    Interesting as usual. I’ll only pick up on one point & that is your comment about Harry Kane. When he has done it, scored many goals, year on year as Messi has done then maybe we will talk about him more. Oh yes, he will have to have played for a creditable club first not an also ran.

  17. Sophie says:

    Great and sympathic read! Our team followed you at The Open two years ago and many Germans seemed to cheer for you! Writing on behalf of Vice Golf, a German golf ball manufacturer, it would be great to get in touch with you somehow and see if we can work together this season! Since I did not see an alternative way to contact you besides social media and your blog, a short message to team@vicegolf.com would be much appreciated!:)
    Thanks Eddie and all the best,

  18. russell says:

    Choose your own hat for a while like Faldo wore the love New York for charity. Pick a different hat each time and make it your thing. If you feel money isn’t everything then maybe it will make you happy too. You seemed to need a concentrate a bit more on the 9th today. The brain runs on sugar. Make sue you stay fully fuelled!! Some great shots as always. When Harry Kane was compared to another top striker he replied he was his own man. A bit of arrogance is sometimes merited. Good luck.

  19. Kenny To says:

    Dear Eddie,

    I hope you are well? I am writing from the Ted Baker press office and would love to connect regarding a project. Please may I ask you for your email? Alternatively, you’re welcome to email me at Kenny.to@tedbaker.com.


  20. Great blog and very well written. Completley agree about Tiger and whilst it’s good to see him back there should be less attention on him based on his current rankings. That said I’d love to see him back at the top of his game shooting it out with Mcilroy and others.
    Look forward to the next post.

  21. glory says:

    nice blog eddie,beautiful written. goodluck w/ your new role.

  22. Jonathan Stordy says:

    Huge congrats Eddie on winning today. All fans of the “thinking person’s golfer” will be very happy. Such composure under pressure, akways sticking to your routine. Just learned a lot watching you. Your point about staying in the moment during the interview on SKY and never thinking about the past or the future could be good for life, let alone just golf!

  23. Billi Riese says:

    Eddie, I’ve a feeling you’ll find that sponsor very soon. I enjoyed watching your win in the wee hours of my morning. Well deserved.

  24. Ian Fursland says:

    Eddie top stuff on this result the first of many for sure. Personally I think not having a hat sponsor is a good thing. The thought of someone being interviewed, with their hat on, always makes me cringe. Perhaps if you do get a hat sponsor you could adopt the policy of not wearing it for interviews. It’s not like you are going to need the money going forward. It would be a touch of class…

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