I am a 22 year-old Englishman, currently Golfing my ball on the European Tour. My Blogging intentions are to keep my thoughts stored, but also to inspire young people by passing on knowledge I have gained through experiences and observations. Do not be afraid to get in touch, whether you have a question or a criticism, I’m all ears! Hope you enjoy my ramblings…


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  1. Mark Perring says:

    Hi Eddie, I am good friends with Ben Evans and I wondered if you would be happy to answer a few questions. I am writing a book about life on Tour. If so please email me back and I will explain more details

  2. Chas Knight says:

    Eddie… I’ve heard all about your “musings” on Tour. Good stuff.

    All I will say is golf – The World game not just the EuropeanTour (what a draft name in the 21st Century!) needs characters – BIG TIME – you could fit the bill. Become a latter day Trevino, Chi Chi Rodriguez or even a Bubba. Do you own thing, don’t fall into the “Corporate IMG managed” clone.
    Say stuff that you REALLy think, not what a manager thinks would look good at board level in The City.
    BUT… above all play to win and good luck.


  3. Joss Edwards says:


  4. chas knight says:

    Please please, try and become a character on Tour this sport is crying out for just such a person… do you remember Trevino… Chi Rodriquez, Fuzzy Zoeller, Craig Stadler and of course SEVE. You live in a sport which can be duller than watching paint dry… it needs some show biz!!!

    Spark up your media interviews.. be opinionated, be controversial… try getting an “arrangement” with a mate to have a “fued” (you get my drift here I trust?) banter about it in the media.. it gets attention it can be fun. Criticise courses, praise them too… banter about decisions and rulings on tour. Put forward ideas about solving slow play problems. etc etc

    Wear outrageous gear….. maybe not exactly John Daly… but equally better tha Poulter gear!
    Employ a female caddy that looks a million dollars.

    Good luck…here’s to that Augusta invite….

    Cheers, Chas

  5. Craig Morris says:

    Come back to us Eddie, we miss your thoughts and insights to the world of golf!

  6. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts as you experience life on tour.
    I played for 7 years and kept journals of my travels back in the persimmon and balata era.
    The game has changed considerably since then, but the journey of touring and experiencing the world outside of golf is just as important. I enjoyed the traveling and experiences off the course are just as embedded in my mind as anything that happened on the course. It’s all a part of it. Appreciate being out there. Work hard on your game, but make sure to take time off and enjoy other things than airports, hotels and driving ranges.

  7. John Haines says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Eddie, which are a breath of fresh air in the Tour world. I too like Ken Brown, basically because he tells it like it is without pretense or pontification (also Jay Townsend, Billy Ray Brown and of course Denis Hutchinson who I often can’t understand a word he says but his voice is like music) – they are the best golf commentators on TV.

    Only suggestion: the possessive of golf is golf’s – as in “With Adam Scott and Louis Oosthuizen both withdrawing from the Olympic Games, golfs inclusion in the…” should be “With Adam Scott and Louis Oosthuizen both withdrawing from the Olympic Games, golf’s inclusion in the…”.

    Sorry about your 3rd round in the Scottish. You really had it going through 2 rounds and my wife and I thought, and were hoping, you might do it this time. Keep it up.

    John Haines

  8. Adam Nyland says:


    • Douglas Bennie says:

      Dear Eddie,

      I watch a lot of golf on television these days and am delighted to see you appearing more frequently and attaining increasing success .Long may this continue.

      I am going to ask you rather a strange thing. All your fellow golfers – indeed the entire golfing community it would appear, on both sides of the Atlantic – wear very similar golfing apparell. It looks very smart and I’m sure it is of the highest quality – and price! – but there is a definite sameness about it all. I wonder sometimes why somebody doesn’t break the mold and revert to traditonal styles which are these days presented in a more modern fashion.’Plus-twos’ spring to mind and have scarcely been seen since the days of Payne Stewart, but are now presented in snazzy style with snazzy stockings and accoutrements and you have just the right build and physique to “carry them off” as they say! And ‘proper’ golfing caps instead of the ubiquitous ‘base-ball’ variety,

      I’m not advocating a return to the Bobby Locke fashion of balooning plus-fours but is it silly to suggest a slight change to golfing’s sartorial style? I believe you could spear-head such a move.

      Anyway, my best and kindest wishes for your continuing success,

      Doug Bennie

  9. Simon Hollidge says:

    Any thoughts on the habit of some professional golfers not shouting a simple warning of ‘fore’ when they carve it in to the crowd off the tee? Pat Perez’s behaviour has been terrible but if the Tours do not punish people how is it expected to be stamped out. Surely it’s just a bit of common decency…

  10. Eddie. I love your writing. I am a 22 year old golfer also, currently playing College golf in America. Of course, not near your level yet. I would love to send you some books as I published one just after my 20th birthday and I think you would enjoy it. Thank you for continuing to inspire young golfers and people alike. I love your honesty and openness. Keep up the good work.

  11. Good luck today, young Eddie. What the f*ck.

  12. Keith Sadler says:

    Hi Eddie

    I live in Milton but joined Haddon rather than Drayton! So sorry you didnt get into the Irish. But i thought you were the top qualifier from the school so why were you so low in category – obviously thr top players in your category got in

    Best wishes

  13. Willie Dunlop says:

    Seems you are getting it together again. Your first ET win may be near, just keep believing, you have the talent and your driver is working better now.
    Hope you come out to play in Thailand again, you did like the milk shakes.
    I am playing at Phoenix in a scramble at the end of the month, first game there for some time.
    I did go back to the U.K. for The Scottish Open and The Open.
    Good luck today with your 2nd round to complete. Will be watching on TV as I always do, love watching the ET and nothing more makes it more better when you are getting g air time.

  14. Claes Ryden says:

    I like the blog please notify me with e-mail when there are new postings

    Thanks and good luck in Spain

    Claes Ryden

  15. Hi Eddie, Tim Southwell from GolfPunk here. Would you be interested in running your blog in our monthly digital magazine? We all think it’s brilliant and a great fit for GolfPunk.

  16. Johnny says:

    Congratulations on a massive win Eddie! I have been following your progress on the tour and it just goes to show that overcoming adversity with great tenacity and the right attitude, will prevail! Well done. All the best for the rest of season and I hope you get some more W’s!

    Best Regards


  17. Alison and Paul says:

    Well done Eddie on winning the Qatar Masters … Frilford Heath are so proud of you! Keep going and good luck x

    • Willie Dunlop says:

      Well done Eddie. Knew your time was nigh even though you have had a slow start to the season. Onwards and upwards now, pressure off, just enjoy your golf now to the end of the season and another win I am sure will come but get the driver sorted, the rest is in great nick.
      Hope you enjoyed a few wines last night.
      Was good for me to watch you win on a course I know, having been to The Qatar Masters 3 years in a row when I worked in The Middle East, including Qatar. Shame I was not there.
      Will be playing in a scramble at Phoenix Gold soon, milk shakes for sure.

  18. Nick Bayly says:

    Hi Eddie – Nick Bayly from Golf News here, can you drop me a line on editor@golfnews.co.uk if you have 10 mins to spare, as would love to have a chat about your win.

  19. Anthony Hannington says:

    Hi Eddie,
    Firstly, congratulations on your latest win. What a great achievement!
    I’ve known your day for around 30 years as I was a part of the Abingdon United crew. I remember you as an infant and have followed your golfing achievements.
    I moved away to Chipping Norton some 25 years ago but have kept in touch with friends in Abingdon.
    My partner, Sarah, owns and runs the book shop, Mostly Books, in Stert Street in Abingdon. It’s an independent bookshop that prides itself on recommendations and knowledge of everything to do with books!
    I heard that you might be writing a book and said to Sarah that it would be great to hold an event with you. I’m sure you’d fill a venue with your huge following!
    Sarah does a lot of work with schools and I’m sure a visit to one or two schools would be great too.
    Even if you’re not writing a book, Sarah would love you to drop into the shop to meet you and maybe see if you guys could work on something together.
    Her email is sarah@mostly-books.co uk.

    Again, congratulations on your continued success.
    Best Wishes
    Anthony (your mum and dad know me as Yao).

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