From Jack Of All Trades to Qatar Master

18th tee- Turn into right hip, rotate left hip as fast as possible in transition and let it go. Necked the life out of it, but it’s down the middle. It’ll do. 

18th fairway- Be precise with target. Same swing thoughts as the tee shot. Reach the top of my swing and the lake on the left enters my mind like Birdman. Fat push it into the rough. Awful shot. Worst of the week. 

18th approach- Lie is awful. Between a Pitching Wedge and a 9 iron. Caddie, Mick Doran Doran, makes a great call and we hit the 9 iron. His words were, “best shot of the week.” I’d be inclined to agree. 

Birdie Putt- It’s slippery and left to right. Feel it down there. ‘Don’t hit it 4 foot past’, I’m so ashamed of feeling that, it makes me feel weak. Lagged it up now over to you Oli.

Watching Oli Putt- I say it’s 50/50, but given the fact I won on the Challenge Tour in a playoff and lost the Irish Open in a playoff, I’m expecting another one. When Oli misses all I can picture is my dad and Mad Brummy Gazza going absolutely bloody mental. 

Winning Putt- ‘Concentrate you bastard.’ Like I did all day on short putts, I just tell myself I’m at home in my putting room. Eyes still. 

Winning feeling- If I could have thrown myself in the lake I would have, but I play with my wallet in my back pocket, and now isn’t the time to destroy my credit card. 

A quiet mind. 

This Monday I’ve woken up with what I suspect you’d call a proper hangover. I’ve never really suffered in the past with alcohol but today is slightly different. And my right bicep is genuinely sore from the strain of keeping aloft the heaviest oyster on earth. Both problems I’m more than happy to deal with. I didn’t think winning a tournament would give me as much satisfaction as it has. It’s made me realise my apathy and lack of interest is mostly a deception I’ve just played on myself. Clearly certain things mean more to me than I realise. Being a golfer all my life I suppose I should’ve known that what matters most is winning and being in a steady, loving relationship. Both are hard to achieve for golfers. One for more obvious reasons than the other. The other initial feeling I have is how much I’m enjoying the feeling that nobody beat me last week, not that I beat everyone else. I have a very small ego, in my opinion, life is over too fast for us all to have a big ego, but winning through strategy, thought and calmness is a feeling I definitely want to rediscover in the future, now I’ve felt it. 

I want to say how much I respect Oli Fisher. His career has been far from normal. I joke with him about how he’s going to end up playing over 800 European Tour events and subsequently become the youngest professional golfer ever to suffer from Asperger’s syndrome. He knows this too. That’s why I really like him. From what I can tell, golf has beaten Oli up at times along with other people’s expectations, but he’s got a lot of character, and two friends on Tour in myself and Rory. 

My caddie, Mick, received a lot of praise on social media for the way he performed yesterday. The fortunate thing for me is that he performs that way every day. He did however prove to me yesterday that a caddie can really make a difference when it matters most. He also has a wonderful energy. At 27 I’m already too cynical for my own good, but Mick’s desire to be a great caddie is having a positive effect on my own career in terms of staying motivated. 

There was a nice irony in winning yesterday in the sense that I didn’t feel I played my best golf. After coming close to winning a number of times and not being able to, I’ve at times thought that I would need to play ‘sensational’ golf to finally get over the line. Yesterday proved to me that in fact isn’t the case. Getting the ‘job done’ yesterday came down to the more intrinsic parts of golf; course management, patience and clutch putts. I felt it was the two pars I made on 12 and 13 that really won me the tournament. Both times I had to hole 5/6 footers. I guess you could say that two big decisions I made last year in getting a putting green in my house and changing caddies, are continuing to manifest into something good. 

The other big change that came about last week was that I worked with someone new from the Monday. In Oman I played all four days without a driver which I knew was entirely unsustainable and felt I had to get another opinion. The swing thought I had going all week I eluded to above at the beginning. It revolved around my hips. I struggle badly with the longer clubs at times mainly due to the amount of lateral shift I get in the golf swing. We worked on making my hips work much more rotationally. This made not only a huge difference to my driving, but also my short game, which went from being so-so to really very good last week. On top of this, under pressure I found it much easier to trust, as opposed to what I’ve always had to feel in the past, which would’ve been to speed my arm swing up, or slow my body speed down. My body naturally moves quite violently from the top so this feeling of rotation was a simple and to be honest, revelatory change. 

There’s lots more I could say I guess, but that can wait. Above all though, I’m just so happy for my family and girlfriend, all of whom deserve the credit for constantly reminding me who I am. Christ, if I ever get above my station, my sister will put me right. She has a knack for four letter curses and pinpoint truth telling. 

Time for a nice dog walk. 

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97 Responses to From Jack Of All Trades to Qatar Master

  1. Simon says:

    Fantastic read to go along with a fantastic result…. Definately got the game to move on from here and become a serial winner…. but most of all love your social media… #champ

  2. Ian says:

    Good effort. Now kick on!

  3. John Burnett says:

    Great result, Eddie. Worth waiting for!. Now for a second title!
    All the best from an Irish fan

  4. Tom Leech says:

    Well played Eddie, i couldn’t be happier for you. I’ve been a keen follower of your career over the years and I look forward to seeing you progress over many more. Keep grinding, 💪🏻👍🏻👌🏻

  5. Dean Butler says:

    You were right about your Dad , everyone in the bar at Old Thorns was giving it LARGE .
    So happy for you and hope you have many more wins on tour you have worked hard for it.
    Best Wishes Dean Butler

  6. Gerard Fenney says:

    Well done Eddie so happy for you your caddy and family, Greetings from Cork

  7. Alastair Taylor says:

    Congratulations Eddie – enjoy reading your blog and this win feels like it was definitely meant to be. All the best for the rest of the season.

  8. Andy MacArthur says:

    Congratulations on the first of many (hopefully) tournament wins. I look forward to seeing your career go from strength to strength.

  9. Simon Bodsworth says:

    Congratulations Eddie! That was a master class in ‘Calm Face’…! Hope the dog enjoyed the walk.

  10. Ivan Morris says:

    Enjoyed watching you coming down the final stretch. All that matters in golf is the next shot. Go, concentrate, and keep on hitting shots as good as the ones you played the 16th in Qatar. You’ll win again if you do! Best of luck.

  11. Simon says:

    Really pleased for you – well deserved!

  12. MONTBARBON says:

    Bravo Eddy pour cette belle victoire au qatar!!!!

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


  13. Tim says:

    Great grinding win, congratulations 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷, $61 wasn’t bad either.

  14. Niall Potter says:

    Great words and well done.
    The first of many!

  15. Ian Wilson says:

    Good lad well done.

  16. Peter says:

    “Have a glass of wine and stroke the dog”…and then, of course, the island Kitchen. Having read and followed you for the last 2 years these desires / ideas were so wonderfully and comfortingly predictable following your maiden victory. Because EP was being, well, EP ! What wines/s did you drink ? And where next, tournament-wise ? All the very best. P.

  17. xbox155 says:

    Great read, much deserved keep it going.

  18. Richard Grime says:

    Well done Eddie! Enjoy the day! Don’t put pressure on yourself to win again quickly. Allow yourself to just get in contention and see what happens. Great bolgs!

  19. Steven Tomlin says:

    Congratulations Eddie. Your win was inspiring for all of us who think way too much on and off the course. Well done.

  20. Peter Shaw says:

    Congrats Eddie. The first has to be the hardest. What struck me the most was the outward appearance of calmness you displayed. You were probably like a duck on water (feet going hard underneath) but you knew you were ready! Enjoy!

  21. Joao says:

    Quite a different feeling from Vilamoura in 2016 I imagine…. I was just a few meters away and felt bad for you then. Very happy for you now. Well done!

  22. Mark Wibberley says:

    Great stuff. Thoroughly enjoyed watching you go about your business on Sunday. Love the blog too

  23. Robert Bellotti says:

    Tough game. Lots of luck in the future. We all need it.

  24. Barreef says:

    Dont lose that caddie, ffs

  25. Chris Hanson says:

    Good on you, Eddie – you are my 2nd favorite player.

  26. Tim says:

    It’s a huge achievement, really well done. As for the blog, please keep it going but with one small tweak: avoiding the swear words would make it educational (in the right way!) for kids. I appreciate they may not be your prime audience but much of what you cover is very relevant to them. Cheers.

  27. Ralph Cunningham says:

    Congratulations! Good luck for the rest of the season.

  28. Joe Lyons says:

    Well done Eddie and here’s to many more victories!

  29. Nibs Webber says:

    Congratulations; I shouted at the screen when the final putt went in!!! Nothing like a dog walk to clear the mind. Here’s to the next time!! Cheers Nibs

  30. Hew says:

    Fantastic result, well done

  31. Ger Lawton says:

    Well said Eddie….congratulations on your win….first of many I’ve no doubt

  32. gerry jon mulryan says:

    What a fantastic win,waiting for awhile for this one,and I got you at 12 to 1 on the Friday,cheers again for making my day as well.

  33. Gerard Garvey says:

    Many congratulations Eddie.
    I am sure you have inspired a lot of golfers with that victory.
    Looking forward to hearing more from you over the rest of the season.

  34. Well done Eddie, it was only a matter of time, shame its the one time I forget to put a wager on you!! me thinks the odds wont be as good in the future! Richard hardie

  35. Huge congrats! I won a small charity comp last summer with the same swing thought. Hardly missed a fairway and won longest drive and best gross. Most unlike me. I won about £35 but still felt amazing. Best wishes.

  36. stu56r says:

    Congratulations Eddie! Super enjoyed watching you play and reading your blogs. Keep up the great work.

  37. Nice one Eddie, congratulations. Great to see your 10,000 hours paying off! Great insight as always.

  38. John Haines says:

    You had me on the edge of my couch that entire back 9 Sunday, Eddie.

    But you finally, finally!… did it!

    Heartiest congratulations!

    Now that you can, do it again.



    From: eddiepepperell Reply-To: eddiepepperell Date: Monday, February 26, 2018 at 8:21 AM To: John Haines Subject: [New post] From Jack Of All Trades to Qatar Master

    eddiepepperell posted: “18th tee- Turn into right hip, rotate left hip as fast as possible in transition and let it go. Necked the life out of it, but it’s down the middle. It’ll do. 18th fairway- Be precise with target. Same swing thoughts as the tee shot. Reach the top “

  39. Bob Oakes says:

    Well done Eddie.

  40. John Elliot says:

    Great read Eddie, as always.
    Keep at it, both your game, and your wonderful writing.

  41. Tony Stredwick says:

    Great read and a great result. Many congratulations, I hope it is the first of many. Can’t think of anyone I would rather see do well.

  42. SYLVIE says:

    Well don Eddy, so happy for you, your caddie and people around you !
    I ´ll keep on following your golf but mostly your writing, much respect from a french fan !

  43. John Day says:

    Well done Eddie, so pleased for you. I have watched your career for a few years, ever since we both played

    in one of Nick Mitchell’s New Year’s Day Texas Scramble competitions at Newbury Racecourse Golf Club.

  44. Dela Cruz says:

    Good effort. Now kick on!

  45. Charlie says:

    Hi Eddie,

    Many congratulations.

    What drills did you use for more hip rotation? I do a lot of swaying rather than rotation and while I linked this to issues timing my driver didn’t realise it’s probably also hurting my short game (which is weak). Any tips appreciated. Thsnks

  46. Gary Allgood says:

    Eddie Pepper. What a huge joke you are! Last I calculated, Tiger was one stroke away from winning the Fed Ex cup? He is the best golfer in the world right now! 100 golfers could be Tiger?? You are pathetic Limey joke who needs to worry about his own pathetic Brexit country full of muslims with a muslim Mayor??? What a joke you are! An impotent monarchy that does nothing but pose for the nation inquirer! A monarchy who claims to be Christian and opens the door to their own demise. You should look at your own joke of a country! What a joke your country is. Without the back up of the US Military we would be calling you Russia! I AM A 12 HANDICAP AND COULD TAKE YOU OUT IN 4 ROUNDS. What a Limey Brit OF A JOKE YOU ARE!

    • Dave Smith says:

      Deluded moronic Trump voting racist is what you are Gary. Eddie could play 72 holes and you play 54 and Eddie will still have a lower score. Show some respect.

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