A Year In Review

I am writing to you with regards to the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open.

I actually had a good week last week in the US Open and finished Tied 16th. This result has lifted me to the top of the Access List and barring some extraordinary results in Germany this week, I’ll get into the French Open. That’s great for me obviously, however it only qualifies me for the French Open. And while the French Open is a great event, frankly, I much prefer the Irish Open.

Therefore this morning I asked the European Tour if they would be able to transfer my start, once finalised into the French Open, over to the Irish Open. Unfortunately this is not possible due to Access List regulations.

Because of this, I am asking if you would consider extending me an invite into your event.

I am also willing to donate a percentage of any prize money earned to Rory’s foundation. Although not too much as my past results at the Irish Open have been quite good and being English I want to keep as much prize money for myself as possible…

On top of this I am happy to provide time for you, whether that be before or during the week to help promote the event in any way I can.

Finally, I just wanted to let you know that I am in fact half Irish myself. And I have 73 cousins, so the gate receipts would be significantly boosted.

Thanks for your consideration,

Best regards,

Eddie Pepperell.

Writing invite letters became a passion of mine this year. I started the year with more professional notes, always drafted by my manager, for me to amend where I saw fit. By the time the Irish Open note had to be drafted, my patience had eroded, and my manager’s influence vanished with it. Needless to say, I never received the invite into the Irish Open.

In 2017, for the first time in my career, I experienced the bitter reality of not being involved in tournaments that I truly wanted to be part of. It was painful watching the BMW PGA, the Irish Open, the Tshwane Open, all historic and great events, on TV. I felt helpless, knowing that I was watching my career fall further behind everyone else’s. Like that of a snooker player I suspect, waiting in the corner, hoping to get another shot at it, but not knowing when. The uncertainty was most frustrating.

Those who follow me on Twitter will know I’ve joked about the dog being the turning point for me this year. While little Guscott has been quite the addition me and Jen were after, the truth is obviously more complex. March and April of this year was when I planted the seeds that helped me return to the upper echelons of the European Tour, or Top-Ten-No-Win golf as I call it. We moved out of our flat into a house, a move which underpinned my sudden appetite for risk, as I was convinced the housing market was hitting a top. To go along with this, I, and TaylorMade agreed to part ways, allowing me to use equipment of any sort. This also represented a risk as it meant me giving up free cash, something which professional golfers are hardly fond of doing. What this period of the year proved to me was how I was right to take these risks, because I believed they would ultimately be worth it. I put aside any fears of experiencing short term losses, and instead went along with what I was figuring out, and pursued my convictions. I’m most proud of this.

It’s at this point I will write about my equipment changes and how they helped transform my game from Q School participant, to a Top-Ten-Few-Short machine. I owe much gratitude to Titleist, and in particular, one man; The lanky Oracle with glasses. I went to see him in April. I explained to him my shot patterns, what I did and didn’t like to see, and what I wanted. I came away from that session so much more knowledgeable. I said to him that I was afraid to use the driver because I’d hit so many shots low and left with it. Subsequently, and purely out of fear, I would then hit some high and right. He explained to me that my driver simply wasn’t creating enough backspin to basically rule out the low, left shot. In hindsight, I was so incredibly naive when it came to the technical aspects of equipment. As soon as we added backspin to the driver, and put a different, higher spinning ball in play, the low and left shot pretty much disappeared, and my confidence gradually returned. This change was 100% the reason behind my top 20 at the US Open. I was unafraid to hit driver that week on a course that demanded good driving, in an environment that was also quite challenging.

As I predicted, my blogs have become less insightful the better I’ve played this year. This is probably down to the fact I’ve spent more Saturday’s and Sunday’s on the course, as opposed to being at home, reflecting on another disappointing week. What I have (re-) discovered though, is that our best golf is usually played under the orchestration of a quiet mind. A state that is focused, but not searching. I have managed to finally take the reigns a bit more with my coach and where it used to be a case of him keeping me on the straight and narrow, I have sometimes felt this year it’s been the other way around. That’s not meant to discredit his incredible knowledge or methods, I just feel I’ve gotten better at understanding my own imperfections and habits, and how best to stay on top of them, rather than abolish them.

As I enter a period of rest before 2018, where my season will begin, I feel as though my goal is simple; To keep doing what I have been doing. However I am all too aware of how hard this is to do. Because as with all actions, come consequences. A good thing may always be a good thing, but what starts a bad thing is often the response to the unintended side effects of something, even if that something is good. So I shall continue along the same path I have been on, but try to double down on identifying any irregularities that may creep up on me.

I hope to make 2018 the year where I’m the one receiving invite letters in 2019.

Have a spectacular Christmas.



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32 Responses to A Year In Review

  1. dieter1.ds says:

    Good morning Eddie. Well done for the passed year. It’s good to see you more often on the telly.May season 2018 be full of cuts made, a win or two and much pleasure in the game , which we so love.All the best to you, mom and dad, little sister and big brother.See you soon,Dieter Strohbach.

    Sent from Samsung tablet.

  2. Andrew Johnston says:

    A good read, and honest as usual. Loved your blogs in the past, but much prefer to see you playing at the weekends

  3. Peter Shaw says:

    Well done Eddie. Very tough for Q School grads to stay up but you allowed your ability to come through! Always enjoy reading your blog and hope to follow you round a tournament one day if you make it down under. Enjoy your break and the dog! Pete

  4. Brian Burke says:

    Top man Eddie, can’t wait to see you at this year’s Irish open

  5. NB3376 says:

    Very Very well done Eddie. The grind of 2017 is over.
    A new chapter is now being written, with of course the friendship of a four legged friend as a loyal companion. And this is a great partnership in my opinion.
    Enjoy your Christmas Eddie.

  6. Neil Etherington says:

    A really positive season on the course and as usual an interesting insight through your blogs. Onwards and upwards in 2019 and look forward to seeing you back at the BMW Open in May.

  7. Nibs Webber says:

    Well done Eddie; watching golf when you’re in the mix is always more interesting. Keep enjoying and learning. Happy festive season to you and your family,, may see you in the College Oak??
    Cheers Nibs

  8. Gerard Fenney says:


  9. Chris Reeve says:

    Well done on a great year Eddie, you have played brilliantly – here’s hoping your 1st win will be in 2018 – can’t see it not happening !

    Absolutely loved your blogs and twitter posts which have been great to read and so entertaining.

    Have a good Christmas and all that.


  10. Mr Shy Marshall says:

    I was a marshal at the US Open qualifier at Walton Heath this year and afterwards I approached you and said “Could I congratulate you on qualifying and wish you all the best for the tournament”. Your response was perfect. “Yes you can, thank you.” So much better than just “thank you”. It is the small subtleties that make life so much more enriching.

  11. Andy Dutton says:

    “Gotten”? Oh, Edward!!!

    Thanks for the thrills and spills of 2017. Hope all three of you spoil yourselves rotten over Christmas, and here’s to a great Ryder Cup year ahead!

  12. Ladyputt says:

    Insightful and honest as ever which is refreshing in the modern game. I follow your progress with interest (you are often a pick in the fantasy league I participate in) and congratulate you on a successful season. Here’s to many more! Have a happy Christmas with all your loved ones and come out fighting in 2018.

  13. Steve says:

    Good Luck Eddie for 2018 and onwards..

  14. Mike Eklund says:

    Been good to see you recover your form.
    Golf can be incredibly frustrating as an amateur (and one that only plays socially at that) so I can’t imagine how hard it is for someone making a living from it when it’s not going well.
    Entertaining read as ever, looking forward to next year and not too many updates as you’ll hopefully be busy at the weekends.

  15. Rick says:

    Good on you Eddie. Love your humour and will follow your progress next year, I predict a couple of wins…. Good luck!!

  16. Andy Crook says:

    Enjoy reading what you write Eddie, also enjoy following you, Jordan and Laurie as my local players. Really pleased your season came good this year and wish all the best for 2018. Hope to visit some tournaments with my camera to capture some pics.

    Good luck.

  17. gerard_mulryan@hotmail.com says:

    Always a great read,enjoy your Chtistmas dinner.

  18. Les Bayliss says:

    Well done Eddie, a great season, as you know l am a avid fan of yours, as well as a friend to all your family, it is so good to see all coming together for you this year, good luck in 2018 ( we all need a bit of luck now and again in life). Keep the tweets witty and try not to offend too many people 😊👍

  19. Andy Rhodes says:

    As always a great read. Have followed your progress all year and it was fantastic to see your hard work paying off and finishing the year at the DP World Championship. Next stop picking up a major in 2018.

  20. David Willis says:

    Dear Eddie, I intend to go to Paris to watch the Ryder Cup next September. I fully expect you to be in the European Team- Paris will be enjoyable even if you don’t make it but it will be much more enjoyable if you are part of the winning team. Congratulations on bouncing back this year as stylish and modest as ever.

  21. Richard White says:

    Great to see you play so well this year. Best wishes and continued success next year. Richard White.

  22. I love reading these blogs,witty entertaining and refreshingly honest. Thanks.Enjoy the rest and recuperation and come back firing on all cylinders in the new year.

  23. Garry Major says:

    Love your blog ,we are all golfers I presume ,so love to know about your equipment and reasons for choices and golf swing changes and in your words what they feel like as we all want to hit the ball better

  24. Fox says:

    Have enjoyed your renaissance over the last few months and the boys love it on a Sunday afternoon in the College when you are on the TV! Here’s to many more Sunday afternoons in 2018. Have a fantastic rest and a lovely Christmas.
    “Out of darkness comets light”!

  25. Jim Duggan says:

    Great to see you back up there where you belong Eddie. Such a refreshingly honest blog. Keep it up in 2018 young man!

  26. John Sloan says:

    Keep the blogs coming Eddie….always enjoy reading them…your games definitely on the up and I’m sure 2018 will be a ‘good un’ for you…just look at what Tommy did in 2017..
    Cheers all the best John S

  27. Brian McCluskey says:

    Really enjoy your blogs as they give a great insight into professional golf in all it’s many aspects. I am sure that 2018 will be your winning breakthrough year on the European tour . Good luck as well as we all need a wee bit of luck.

  28. Hew says:

    All the best Eddie, look forward to more blogging next year!

  29. Great blog, have a great Christmas and look forward to seing you play next year..

  30. Fantastic read as ever Eddie. Interesting to hear about the equipment changes and what a difference tweaking them can make to you. Would love to hear about your practice regime during the off season and how you periodise your practice time and energy to be ready for 2018!

  31. Paul Evans says:

    About bloody time young man lol. See you on the 12th x

  32. Eddie, we want you on the Tour Junkies Podcast! Look us up on iTunes and Twitter @Tour_Junkies. A 30 minute phone call would do the trick! We’ll talk minimal golf and not ask all the same shit everyone else does. Follow us on Twitter and we can DM the details!

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